About The Mann Cave

Cave Painting

The Mann Cave is established as a safe place to rehearse, record, perform and extend love by making music.

Mann Cave Music’s grounds for being is to provide excellent live music that makes people feel better about themselves, their lives, each other and the future.

Performing music has always been the most sacred and immersive experience for me and doing it with others is a special process to engage in. Doing it for others, and of course for our own pleasure, is a gift. When one hears LIVE music, they are enriched – they know the difference – the soul gets a little relief and faith is restored in something greater than ourselves.

So, we who do, must play on – like on the deck of the Titanic – for the common good.

Steve Mann

This site is dedicated to those people who ‘keep it turned on’ (thank you, Elton John)

I found myself, The Universe; at which point I began collecting instruments”

John W Hobbs